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Fujifilm Considering Bringing Back Its B&W Film: Report


Fujifilm killed off the last of its black-and-white film and photo paper back in April 2018. For many film photographers that news was like a dagger to the heart, but there is hope yet: Fujifilm is reportedly considering bringing its B&W film back. The Japanese news outlet ITmedia reports that ...

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V-Flat World Launches a Folding V-Flat


The V-flat is a common tool used by portrait photographers, but it has historically been a do-it-yourself product everyone builds for themselves. A new company called V-Flat World just changed that with the launch of its commercial foldable V-flats geared toward professional portrait photographers. “We are dedicated to producing high-quality ...

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NY Daily News Cuts All Photographers


The New York Daily News slashed its editorial staff in half this week, and among the casualties of the layoffs was the entire team of photographers. The paper, which called itself “New York’s Picture Newspaper” for over 70 years, now has zero staff photographers. NPPA reports that all 10 NY ...

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This Instagram Account Shows How Instagram Photos Look the Same


@insta_repeat is a new Instagram account that reveals the “visual sameness” of photos being posted to Instagram. Each collage shows photos by unrelated photographers that look remarkably similar. The account’s bio reads: “Déjà Vu Vibes 🌲 Wander. Roam. Replicate.” Each photo in each collage is tagged with the user that ...

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Shooting Portraits with a $20 Work Light from Home Depot


After seeing photographer Skyler Burt’s experiments with lighting food photos using a cheap work light, photographer Jessica Kobeissi recently purchased that same $20 light from Home Depot for an experimental portrait shoot. The light is the HDX 250-Watt Halogen Portable Work Light — HDX is Home Depot’s store brand. Similar ...

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Breakthrough Photography’s Magnetic Filters Attach in a Snap


Breakthrough Photography has launched a magnetic circular lens filter system that allows filters to be attached and removed instantly with zero screwing and zero light leaks. It’s “a revolutionary new way to use filters,” Breakthrough says. “[W]e reimagined the way you use camera filters by allowing you to attach a ...

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