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Daily Archives: August 3, 2018

Photographer Cries Foul Over Gorillaz Music Video


Back in 2016, photographer Jairo Melara of the Los Angeles-based photography company Fifth District did a photo shoot of a model wearing roller skates at Venice Beach. Melara says he was surprised earlier this year when the band Gorillaz released its music video for the song “Humility” that features a ...

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Develophead is an Auto-Agitation Cap for Film Development Tanks


While some tinkers are building automated at-home solutions for film processing such as the Developist and Filmomat, Mexican photographer Pablo Zárate has created a much simpler processing aid: the Develophead. It’s a film development tank cap that does agitation for you. Zárate started developing the Develophead half a year ago ...

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Here’s an Intro to Three-Point Lighting for Portraits


Here’s a 9-minute introduction to the three-point lighting setup! If you haven’t seen our video about portrait lighting, we go over five portrait lighting positions and what type of emotion you can get from those positions. So this is a follow up to that lesson and I recommend you watch ...

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