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Daily Archives: August 20, 2018

How to Turn Any DSLR into a Mirrorless Camera


Can’t wait for Nikon and Canon to launch their new mirrorless cameras and want to fork over money for the ones already on the market? Photographer Eric Rossi made this 4-minute video that shows how you can convert your existing DSLR camera into a mirrorless camera. “I show you how ...

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This Mechanical Ring Box is Made from an Actual Camera Lens


Matt Zabloski of Kelo Designs has created a new mechanical camera lens ring box for people who want to propose to a photographer in style. Turning the aperture ring opens the blades and the hidden engagement ring within rises up out of the growing aperture. Here’s what the ring box ...

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Huawei Caught Faking Smartphone Photo with a DSLR (Again)


The Chinese smartphone giant Huawei has been caught passing off DSLR photos as examples of what its smartphone camera can do. And it might have gotten away with the deception were it not for an Instagram slip-up by the actress in the ad. Huawei Mobile Egypt published this new 30-second ...

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