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This Guy Poses with Toy Superheroes Using Forced Perspective


Wire Hon is a Malaysian toy collector and photographer who has been shooting creative photos of himself and his family with Marvel superheroes by carefully posing tiny figurines and using forced perspective. Here’s what a behind-the-scenes look typically looks like (Hon captures all his photos using his smartphone and its ...

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Apple is Offering Free Photo-Editing Lessons Over the Phone


Want a free photo editing lesson? Apple wants to give you one. The company is offering 30-minute one-on-one training sessions over the phone on how to edit photos using Apple’s Photos software. Through the “guided phone session” with a Photos expert, “you’ll learn how to make all your photos phenomenal ...

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The Dark and Surreal ‘Big Eye’ Portraits of Kelly Robitaille


American artist Margaret Keane is famous for creating “big-eyed waifs” and drawing her subjects with big eyes. Canadian photographer Kelly Robitaille creates surreal portraits in the same vein through her “Whimsy Waifs” series. With a background in painting and commercial beauty retouching, Robitaille uses Photoshop to retouch each portrait and ...

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ETK OPTIKS: Artisan Camera Bags with Traditional Handmade Textiles


Ethnotek has launched its new ETK OPTIKS collection, a series of “socially responsible” camera bags made by artisans using traditional textiles from five countries around the world. The company partners with artisan villages in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and sales of the camera bags help sustain employment for ...

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Flange Distance and Mount Diameter Explained by a Lens Engineer


Nikon has understandably made a big deal about launching their new Z-mount alongside the announcement of their new mirrorless cameras, the Z6 and Z7. The Nikon F-mount was originally released 59 years ago and the company has made backward compatibility of the system a brand pillar. But technology has changed ...

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