Daily Archives: September 4, 2018

When and How to Use a Polarizing Filter


Reflections are often unwanted, and glare will wash out an image. Polarizing filters counter the reflective measures and will deepen blues and add contrast to skies, reduce or remove reflections from water and windows, and increase contrast and saturation. They do this by cutting out a single wave of direct ...

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Moose Drowns After People Crowd to Take Pictures


A moose drowned in Vermont this weekend after a crowd of people trying to take photos of it scared the animal into Lake Champlain. The Independent reports that the moose is believed to have swum several miles to cross Lake Champlain from New York state to Grand Isle (AKA South ...

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14 of the Best Photos from Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018


The Natural History Museum has released a set of Highly Commended photos from its Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 competition that honors the world’s best nature photography and photojournalism. “Wildlife Photographer of the Year showcases the world’s best nature photography and photojournalism,” NHM says. “Through their ability to inspire ...

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Supply and Demand: Photography is Like Water


We all know the importance of photography, whether it’s journalism’s role in changing the world to a wonderful moment captured of someone’s special day. As photographers, we value our craft and the importance it has in our lives. But the market is valuing it less and less. Why is that? ...

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