Daily Archives: September 10, 2018

Sneak Peek: This is Content-Aware Fill on Steroids


Adobe Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill is a powerful way to remove portions of photos, but its results can fall short and it doesn’t have tools for customizing the results. But that’s about to change: it will soon receive a huge upgrade with its own workspace and tools, and the 2-minute video ...

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Photojojo Shuttered After 12 Years of Stocking Photo Awesomeness


The photography business Photojojo has closed up shop after 12 years of procuring content and products for photographers. In an email to newsletter subscribers, the Photojojo team announced the closure and explained that it didn’t have the manpower to keep things running. “I’ve made the tough (but right – imho) ...

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A Key to Powerful Portraits: The Eyes


Want to shoot powerful portraits? One of the keys to doing so is focusing on your subject’s eyes. This 2.5-minute video by Light Club is an inspiring look into this critical facet of portraiture. “Leonardo Da Vinci was an early pioneer of the catchlight,” the video states. “Da Vinci realized ...

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TACS Offers Lens-Inspired Watches for Photography Lovers


The Japanese brand TACS has announced a new lens-inspired watch called the Automatic Vintage Lens II. It’s a “watch with a heart that captures the soul of photography.” The $440 watch, which can be pre-ordered now, features anti-reflective sapphire glass in a design that mimics the look of a camera ...

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Photographing the Eye of the Tiger (Shark)


How would you feel if you were standing at the stern of the boat as twenty 10-foot lemon sharks circle at the surface in front of you and in the depths below an even larger tiger shark cruises the algal reefs? Would you make that jump into the water, with ...

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Teen Falls to Death Trying to Take Selfie at Yosemite Waterfall


Taking risks for extreme selfies has claimed another life, this time in California’s Yosemite National Park. A teenager hiker has died after falling off an 820-foot cliff while trying to snap a photo of himself. The Times of Israel reports that 18-year-old Jerusalem resident Tomer Frankfurter was visiting the famous ...

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