Daily Archives: September 12, 2018

3 Reasons You Don’t Need To Be A Pro To Make Great Photos


The label of being a “professional” at something, whether you’re a professional football player or a professional figure skater, typically means you’re the best of the best in your respective field. But when it comes to a professional photographer, the same assumption can’t be made. I hear from people on ...

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This Newborn Photo Shows a Baby and His Twin Brother’s Ashes


New Zealand-based photographer Sarah Simmons has won an international photo competition with a powerful newborn photo showing a baby with his twin brother’s ashes. Stuff.co.nz reports that mother Cherie Ayrton learned the devastating news that one of her twins had passed away in the womb at her five-month ultrasound scan. ...

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I Am NOT a ‘Self-Taught’ Photographer


“Meet my friend Saurabh. He’s an amazing photographer from India and his work has been published in various reputed newspapers and journals worldwide like Nat Geo, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, etc. Astonishingly, he’s a self-taught photographer and very passionate about his work.” Recently, I was touring Europe to meet some ...

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