Daily Archives: September 14, 2018

Art School Photoshops White Students Into Black Ones in Ad Photo


A private art college in France has apologized after it was discovered that one of its promotional ad photos was Photoshopped to show black students when there were none in an effort to appear more racially diverse. The Émile-Cohl in Lyon sparked controversy this week after people noticed something peculiar ...

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How and Why to Use High-Speed Sync


How do you use high-speed sync? When would you use it? How do you set it up? These questions will all be answered by the end of this 5.5-minute video and the article below. What is It? High-speed sync is the ability to sync your strobes to a camera when ...

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Do You Know Your Top 5 Photographs?


I was interviewed by street photographer Eric Kim back in 2016, and it was a huge deal for me! I remember when I first started shooting street, his blog was one of the first that I came by. It was filled with so much information, but what was more interesting ...

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How to Photograph Bioluminescent Oceans


There are certain natural phenomena that most photographers would love to capture. Aurora, eclipses, meteors, rainbows, eruptions, lightning and tornados all present challenges to the photographer, not least of which is (with the exception of eclipses) having a camera pointed the right way when they happen. Bioluminescent algae is no ...

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Facebook is Now Fact-Checking Photos


Facebook is making it a priority these days to fight misinformation being spread on its social network, and the company has just announced that it’s now fact-checking photos and videos being shared by users. 27 third-party fact-checking partners in 17 countries around the world had already been tasked with reviewing ...

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