Daily Archives: September 29, 2018

Seal Slaps Kayaker in the Face with an Octopus


Filmmaker Taiyo Masuda was kayaking with his friend Kyle Mulinder when he captured an unusual wildlife encounter on camera: a seal swam right up to Mulinder and slapped him viciously in the face with a large octopus. The footage above was captured using a GoPro HERO7 Black off the coast ...

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This is the First Video Ever Shot from an Asteroid’s Surface


A week after giving us the first photo from the surface of asteroid 162173 Ryugu, Japan’s MINERVA rovers have just sent back new views of the asteroid’s surface, including the first video ever from an asteroid’s surface. MINERVA-II2 (AKA Rover 1B) captured 15 frames over 74 minutes on September 23rd ...

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