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Daily Archives: October 3, 2018

Wedding Photographer Pushes Stepmom Aside to Get the Shot


Wedding photographers often complain of ‘Uncle Bobs,’ or relatives who get in the way of professional photographers while trying to snap their own photos. When photographer Ashley Easterling encountered this during a wedding ceremony recently, she refused to allow the relative to ruin the bride and groom’s first kiss photo. ...

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LensCoat Unveils Shoulder Protection for Carrying Heavy Tripods


LensCoat has unveiled three Shoulder Protection Products: the LegPad, LegCushion, and LegWrap Pro. They’re designed for outdoor photographers who spend a considerable amount of time walking with heavy tripods on their shoulders. LegPad The LegPad is a shoulder pad used for carrying tripods while the legs are closed. The 1.25-inch-thick ...

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You Don’t Need a New Camera


Recently I worked on an image of the sand dunes of the Namib. I had woke while it was still dark and made my way to the desert, each foot sinking into the sand as I battled the dunes. Morning had just broken by the time I got my camera ...

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CamRanger MINI: Twice the Range and Half the Size


CamRanger has announced the CamRanger MINI, a miniature yet more powerful version of the CamRanger wireless camera remote control system that was launched back in 2012. It has twice the range, half the size, and two-thirds the price. You’ll find essentially the same functionality in the CamRanger MINI as its ...

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These Camera Hot Shoe Covers Double as Film Speed Reminders


Amateur photographer Guy Sie of The Netherlands needed a better way of remembering what film speed he has loaded into his camera, so he created custom 3D-printed camera hot shoe covers with ISO numbers on them. “On my fully manual ’50s Leica M3 rangefinder camera, the ISO film speed indicator ...

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