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Daily Archives: October 11, 2018

How Teenage Photographer John Kraus Shoots Rocket Launches


John Kraus is an 18-year-old photographer living on Florida’s Space Coast who has captured dazzling photos of major rocket launches over the past few years. VICE News followed Kraus to a recently SpaceX Falcon 9 launch and aired this short segment showing how the photographer works (it starts at 22m01s). ...

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An Instax Camera with a Leica M Lens


Good photos have become commonplace. Smartphones have demystified camera technicalities in the past decade, and its pervasive adoption has democratized photography for mass consumers. Since the first known photograph was made in 1820, camera functions evolved significantly to compensate for human error. Features like image stabilization, white-balance detection, and low-light ...

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Samsung Galaxy A9 is the First Quad-Camera Phone


First, there was the megapixel war. Next up: the camera count wars. Less than a month after unveiling the world’s first triple-camera smartphone in the Galaxy A7, Samsung has just announced the new Galaxy A9 as the world’s first quad-camera phone. That’s right: there are four separate cameras on the ...

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