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Daily Archives: November 7, 2018

The Usability Issues of the Canon EOS R


After buying the new EOS R, Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless, photographer Michael Andrew of Michael the Maven was disappointed by the camera usability. Here’s an 11-minute video in which Michael points out the things in the EOS R that drove him crazy. “Usability is the number of steps, button presses ...

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The Story Behind Ansel Adams’ Iconic ‘Moonrise, Hernandez’


The Ansel Adams Gallery made this 4-minute video about Ansel Adams’ Moonrise, Hernandez, a photo the gallery calls Adams’ “most famous and iconic image.” Sales director Brittany Moorefield shares the story behind the photo while presenting an ultra-rare mural-sized print from the early 1970s. Adams shot the photo while returning ...

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Hands On with the Small but Mighty Profoto B10


I got my hands on a pair of the new Profoto B10 for some hands-on shoot testing from Profoto. If you just want to see the photos, scroll to the end of the article. If you want to get a little background on the ideas and the tech, read on. ...

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This is the First 8K Video Shot in Space


NASA has released the first 8K footage ever shot in space. This 3-minute video was captured aboard the International Space Station using a RED Helium 8K camera, and it shows the astronaut residents living, working, and conducting research. NASA has a history of pushing the boundaries of camera technologies on ...

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