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Daily Archives: November 9, 2018

This Guy Recreated That ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Photo with LEGO


One of the most viral photos of 2017 was the “Distracted Boyfriend” stock photo that has widely been used as an Internet meme. Photographer Dylan Maithonis faithfully recreated that famous photo using LEGO. In case you somehow haven’t seen it yet, here’s the original stock photo by photographer Antonio Guillem, ...

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Here’s a Close-Up Photo of the Swirling Clouds on Jupiter


NASA just released this new close-up photo of the swirling clouds found on Jupiter. It was captured by the Juno spacecraft on October 29th, 2018, during its 16th close flyby of the gas giant. The clouds in the photo were seen in Jupiter’s North-North Temperate Belt (NNTB), one of the ...

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White House Slammed for Sharing ‘Doctored’ Video


The White House is being slammed by press photographer associations for its use of a “clearly manipulated” video of a press conference exchange this past Wednesday. During President Donald Trump’s first press conference following Tuesday’s midterm elections, CNN journalist Jim Acosta engaged in a heated exchange with Trump. When a ...

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Mirrorless Cameras and Lens Calibration


Anthony Sinfield from CameraCal here. We have seen a lot of information, some correct and some incorrect about mirrorless cameras and lens calibration. The other day we were incredibly excited to have the opportunity to calibrate one of the new flagship Nikon Z7 mirrorless cameras for a regular customer. You ...

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