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Photojournalist Rescues Victim Of Anti-LGBT Mob


On September 15, around 2,000 LGBT rights activists marched through Kharkiv in the first event of its kind in the eastern Ukrainian city. When the march ended, most of the participants left safely through a nearby subway station, but a crowd of far-right counterdemonstrators had gathered in a neighboring park, ...

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Profoto C1 and C1 Plus: Studio Lights for Smartphone Photographers


Profoto has announced the new C1 and C1 Plus, the company’s first studio lights for smartphone photographers. The pocket-sized lights pair with the Profoto Camera smartphone app to help you create “professional images with just a simple click,” Profoto says. “The light the C1 product range delivers is natural looking ...

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These Are the Best Phones for Night Photos: DxOMark


DxOMark has announced an update to its smartphone camera quality testing methodology that adds two new scores for each phone: Night for dedicated low-light modes and Wide for ultra-wide lenses. The Wide score is in response to the ultra-wide camera modules being introduced in smartphones over the past few years, ...

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How to Shoot People-Free Photos of Crowded Places


It’s more and more difficult these days to photograph places without crowds or cars. One of the strategies that can help achieve that is to wake up early and be there at sunrise, but in very popular places, there will be other photographers with the same idea as you. So, ...

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Nikon, Leica and Olympus are Not Going to Attend Photokina 2020


Photokina is still the world’s leading imaging expo, but changes to its structure and a struggling industry may be pushing participants away. In a press release published to the expo’s website, the trade show’s organizer Koelnmesse revealed that Nikon, Leica and Olympus have all chosen to skip Photokina 2020. The ...

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Color Balance: Understanding It, Achieving It, and Using It Creatively


YouTube channel KINETEK has released an extremely informative video by Director and Cinematographer Matthew Rosen, in which Rosen explains how to achieve and utilize color balance, and why it’s important to avoid balancing everything. The video above is mostly targeted at cinematographers, but photographers can benefit immensely from Rosen’s education ...

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