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Daily Archives: January 2, 2019

This Aerial Photo of Frozen Lakes is Not What It Seems


Check out this aerial photo of four lakes in an icy winter landscape. It’s actually not what it seems. Photographer Josh Nukem captured this photo of a frozen puddle from ground level in his own backyard. Josh had snapped a casual photo of the ground using his iPhone 8 Plus. ...

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5 Steps to Shooting a Photo of a $2.75 Million Sports Car


How do you go about shooting one of the rarest sports cars in the world? Here’s a 17-minute tutorial in which automotive photographer Mike D’Ambrosio shares the 5 steps of his “night flare” style while shooting a $2.75 million Maserati MC12. The Maserati MC12 is a limited production sports car ...

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This Aerial Photo Shows How Winter Changes New York City


Photographer Paul Seibert created this beautiful aerial photo that shows how New York City changes between winter and summer. About half the frame shows a snowy winter view while the other portion shows the summer cityscape. Seibert is the Director of Digital Content and a contributing photographer of/for FlyNYON, the ...

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This is What a 14-Year-Old Nikon DSLR Can Do


How much has camera image quality improved over the past decade and a half? Photographer Jeff Rey recently decided to see by doing a simple test with his Nikon D200 crop sensor CCD DSLR, a camera that was originally announced back in 2005 with a price tag of $1,700 (over ...

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Composing Without the Camera


Sometimes one of the best things I can do for my photography, specifically for improving my compositions, is to put my camera down and walk around without taking photographs. While street photography itself is one of the best ways for anyone to train their eye to notice fleeting subjects and ...

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