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Daily Archives: January 7, 2019

How to Use a Normal Camera and Photoshop to See Heat


Here’s a 6-minute video by photographer Kelly Hofer of Theory of Curiosity on Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS), a technique that lets you shoot photos and videos of heat using an ordinary camera and Photoshop. The basic idea of BOS is that Photoshop can help reveal minute differences between two nearly ...

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Film is Alive!… But it May Have a Terminal Illness


The defiant cry of the nostalgic hipster that’s become a hashtag: #filmisnotdead. But why? It’s 2019, people — the digital camera reigns supreme; why won’t this analog trend die? Rationalism abandons the old way in recognition of the new’s superior efficiency. The combine harvester supplanted the scythe, clocks replaced the ...

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