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Daily Archives: January 8, 2019

This is Nikon’s Updated Mirrorless Lens Roadmap


Nikon just released its latest roadmap for upcoming Nikkor Z Series full-frame mirrorless lenses. There have already been changes to the roadmap since it was first shown at Photokina 2018 a few months ago. Here’s the previous roadmap that Nikon shared during its Z Series announcement on August 22nd, 2018: ...

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5 Ways to Use Umbrellas to Shoot Stunning Portraits


If you’re looking to expand your skill set in shooting portraits with umbrellas, check out this 8-minute video by photographer Miguel Quiles. In it, he introduces different types of umbrellas and then shares 5 different ways he uses them to create stunning portraits. Here’s a rundown of the different setups ...

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Nemeio is a 100% E-ink Keyboard You Can Customize for Photoshop


Nemeio is a 100% customizable e-ink keyboard that allows users to change the display on any of the 81 keys. Photographers can create a key layout that’s helpful when editing photos in apps such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Using Nemeio’s companion software program, users can easily create a keyboard profile ...

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Shooting a Portrait with Four Gelled Lights


After recently sharing a portrait on social media, I was asked by a lot of people to write a breakdown on how I achieved the shot. Lights and Camera 1. I use a white wall as a background for most of my photos. By controlling the light a white wall ...

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Nikon Unveils the Ultra-Wide 14-30mm f/4 S Lens for the Nikon Z


Nikon has unveiled its new NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S, the first ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for the Nikon Z full-frame mirrorless camera system. “This newest S-Line NIKKOR lens is a popular focal length for landscape, travel, event and architecture photographers, offering a combination of performance and portability that’s only possible ...

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