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Daily Archives: February 7, 2019

USB Stick Found Inside Seal Poo with Photos Intact


There have been plenty of stories of photos being found on lost cameras over the years, but here’s a wild lost-and-found story you definitely haven’t heard before. A USB drive has been reunited with its owner after it was found in a frozen slab of seal poo. The National Institute ...

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Fujifilm X-T30 Leaked Photos Show New Joystick


Fujifilm appears to be gearing up to announce the successor to the X-T20, and purported photos of the X-T30 have leaked onto the Web. The Japanese camera rumor site Nokishita posted the photos today after receiving them from overseas sources. Digicame-info notes that the X-T30 appears mostly unchanged from the ...

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Why You Should Photograph Venice in the Wintertime


I last visited Venice a long time ago, and all I could remember were the crazy crowds. It’s no wonder, because I visited in the summer. Last weekend, I decided to visit Venice in the winter with my girlfriend. People were saying “Why Venice? It’s not the season.” But that’s ...

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These Teens Were Asked to Edit Their Portrait for Social Media


The British photographer Rankin recently conducted an experiment for a project titled “Selfie Harm.” He photographed 15 teenagers between ages 13 and 19 and gave them the untouched portraits to edit themselves. Each teen was instructed to retouch their face until it was “social media ready.” The teens were given ...

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Flickr Pushes Deletion of Over-Quota Photos to March 2019


After limiting free accounts to 1,000 photo and video files, Flickr announced that it would begin deleting data from accounts over that quota starting on February 5th, 2019. Now Flickr has announced that it’s giving users more time to download photos by pushing the wipe date back to March 12, ...

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