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Daily Archives: February 11, 2019

ProGrade Digital’s Recovery Pro Can Save Lost RAW Photos


ProGrade Digital today expanded beyond memory cards and readers and into the world of software with the introduction of Recovery Pro. It’s a program that recovers lost, deleted, and or/corrupted photo and video files. Recovery Pro goes beyond JPEG files and recognizes other types of photo files as well, including ...

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These Photos Show a Rare Half-Male, Half-Female Cardinal


Bird watcher Shirley Caldwell was looking out at the bird feeders in her backyard when the Erie, Pennsylvania, resident spotted an unusual bird: it was a half-male, half-female cardinal. National Geographic writes that the bird’s anomaly is known as a bilateral gynandromorph, in which half of a creature’s body is ...

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Datacolor Unveils the SpyderX Color Calibration Tool for Monitors


Datacolor today launched its latest color calibration tool for monitors. Called the SpyderX, it’s Datacolor’s “fastest, most accurate, and easiest to use color calibration tool” — “the best Spyder ever.” SpyderX features a fully redesigned color engine that provides better color accuracy and low-light capabilities when doing calibrations. The tool ...

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Fujifilm is Developing a Modular GFX Medium Format Camera


At the Fujifilm X Summit in Dubai on February 8th, Fujifilm gave a surprise sneak peek at a Fujifilm GFX modular medium format camera the company is working on. Here’s the livestream from the summit (the unveiling is at 1:01:15): The modular design concept features a core unit equipped with ...

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