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Daily Archives: February 19, 2019

This Guy Shot 50,000 Pics to Make an 81MP Photo of the Moon


Check out this incredible photo of the moon. It may look like it was captured using some ultra-advanced (and expensive) equipment, but it was actually created by astrophotography enthusiast Andrew McCarthy by capturing and combining 50,000 photos. The Sacramento, California-based McCarthy shot the photos using two cameras: his Sony a7 ...

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Tetenal Film Chemistry to Live On: Management Buyout Accepted


After word of Tetenal’s financial difficulties emerged in late 2018, the photochemistry giant announced in January 2019 that it would be closing shop after 172 years. But an employee-led management buyout offer has now been accepted, allowing the business to live on. New Tetenal, the entity that was formed by ...

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This Website Generates AI Portraits of People Who Don’t Exist


NVIDIA got the world talking in December 2018 after showing off a new AI that can create ultra-realistic photos of people who don’t actually exist. Now there’s a website that lets you generate these imaginary portraits yourself. It’s called thispersondoesnotexist.com. The site was set up by San Francisco-based Uber software ...

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Briefing a Photographer: How to Write a Photography Brief


Briefing a photographer can be challenging, especially if you haven’t hired one in the past. A good brief provides all the key information about your project that a photographer will need to make logistical, technical and creative decisions. Tips for writing the best photography brief will differ depending on the ...

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