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Daily Archives: March 11, 2019

NASA Shot the First Pics of Supersonic Jet Shockwaves Interacting


NASA has captured the first-ever photos showing the shockwaves of supersonic jets interacting in flight. The beautiful images were captured in an extremely difficult air-to-air photo shoot. To create the groundbreaking photos, NASA outfitted a B-200 twin-turboprop research aircraft with a new imaging system (capable of 1,400 frames per second ...

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#trashtag is a Viral Photo Fad Making the World a Cleaner Place


After years of ridiculous photo fads such as “planking,” there’s finally a viral photo fad that’s worth getting behind and giving exposure. It’s called #trashtag, and it’s a challenge to share the most epic before-and-after photos of trash cleanups. The tag was apparently introduced by the media brand Teton Gravity ...

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A Guide to Shooting the Milky Way


This guide will be a walkthrough on the basics of Milky Way photography. It is best for beginners, but even intermediate and expert photographers might find something new! Plus, I always find it never hurts to refresh yourself on the basics. Before we get to the good stuff, I’d like ...

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