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Daily Archives: March 12, 2019

Why Waveforms Beat Histograms and Why Still Cameras Should Use Them


While still cameras use histograms to show tonal distribution and clipping, many video cameras use waveforms for the same purpose. Here’s an educational 8-minute video in which DPReview‘s Chris Nichols argues why waveforms are better than histograms and why still cameras should adopt them too. Histograms are great at showing ...

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Huawei Busted for Faking Smartphone Photos Yet Again


It looks like Huawei still hasn’t learned its lesson after getting caught faking smartphone photos in ads multiple times. The company’s latest teaser ads for the upcoming P30 Pro smartphone imply that they show sample photos, but they don’t. You may remember that Huawei tried passing off a Canon 5D ...

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