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Daily Archives: March 13, 2019

Making MAYA, the Only Darkroom Timer You’ll Ever Need


MAYA is a darkroom timer project that was born out of necessity when my old darkroom timer had started to malfunction. It has become a pretty successful crowdfunding campaign so far, exceeding 300% of its initial goal with a few days left to go. Like many people who still have ...

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These Car Ads Were Shot with Toy Cars


A few months ago, the Czech car brand Škoda got in touch with Hungarian photographer Benedek Lampert and asked him to shoot car photos. But instead of expensive shoots featuring real Škoda cars, the company asked that Lampert only use 1:43-scale models of the cars. “It sounded interesting, so I ...

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CFexpress Memory Cards Will Come in Three Different Sizes


The CompactFlash Association’s new CFexpress standard is getting ready to take its place as the new dominant memory card format, and six companies have already announced CFexpress cards: Apacer, Delkin, Lexar, ProGrade Digital, SanDisk, and Sony. But here’s something you might have missed: CFexpress will feature three different card sizes. ...

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