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This 1,060-Hour Photo of a Galaxy Was Shot by Amateur Astrophotographers


A team of five French amateur astrophotographers has captured a gorgeous 204-megapixel, 1,060-hour photo of the Large Magellanic Cloud. The Lowell Observatory reports that the team, which goes by the name “Ciel Austral” (which translates to “Southern Sky”), captured thousands of photos between July 2017 and February 2019 and stitched ...

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Apple Aperture Won’t Work Anymore After macOS Mojave


Apple killed off Aperture back in 2014, but there are still photographers out there who have opted to continue using the beloved photo editing and management app. If that’s you, there’s some bad news: Aperture will no longer run on Mac after macOS Mojave. In a new article on its ...

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Samsung Unveils a $16,000 Vertical TV for Viewing Instagram


Samsung has announced an unusual new TV that’s designed for “the millennial generation.” It’s a 43-inch vertical screen that’s optimized for viewing the same social media content you enjoy on your phone. In case, you know, you’ve always wanted to browse your Instagram feed on the big screen. The TV ...

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On the Value of a 365-Day Photography Project


Easter Sunday in Saint Louis was the ideal day for a 365 project. The sky was dialed to maximum blue, and the cirrus and cumulus clouds danced together in celestial harmony, floating lazily above our park’s decked out crabapple, cherry, redbud, dogwood, and other flowering trees. In a shady glade ...

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Sorry, Leica: ‘Tank Man’ was Shot on Nikon


Leica was at the center of a firestorm of controversy in China earlier this month over a video that dramatized the creation of the iconic photo titled, “Tank Man”. Now it turns out that all the well-known “Tank Man” photos were actually shot with Nikon cameras. The whole hoopla started ...

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My 8 Best Tips for Flower Photography


Freehand flower photography out in nature (or your own neighborhood) is one of my favorite photography genres. In this article and the 8-minute video above, I will give you my 8 best tips for flower photography in the wild. #1. Use a fast and close focusing lens A macro lens ...

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“Talking ‘Shop” is a New Podcast All About Photoshop


If you’re a photographer who’s always on the lookout for new podcasts to subscribe to, Talking ‘Shop is a new one that just launched in the photo niche. It’s a weekly podcast all about Adobe Photoshop, hosted by prominent Photoshop educator Dave Cross. Cross has made his living for over ...

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Yashica Unveils Three 35mm Cameras and Two New Films


Yashica’s Y35 digiFilm camera drummed up a great deal of excitement on Kickstarter but was universally panned by reviewers and early adopters when it finally launched in 2018. Apparently unfazed, Yashica just returned to Kickstarter with plans to launch three new film cameras and two new films. The project is ...

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