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Daily Archives: April 8, 2019

10 Life Hacks for Your Photo Studio


Having a photography studio is fun, but it is even more fun when you start applying simple and cheap solutions plus common sense to make your shooting experience (and your clients’ experience) smoother. This is the list of what I think are the smartest and most useful photography studio life ...

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Photos of Unusual Household Objects That Make You Look Twice


PUTPUT is an artist duo based in Copenhagen, Demark, that works at the intersection between still life photography and sculpture. Its goal is to “create distinctly ambiguous images that challenges the viewer to look twice.” “We are interested in the metaphysical relationship between objects and people,” Stephan and Ulrik write. ...

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Building a Photo-Editing Computer on the Cheap


Having returned to photography after a lay-off of some years, I had discovered a whole new world, where, among other things, computers had largely replaced darkrooms. It soon became apparent that my Windows 10 laptop was sadly underrated for the tasks required. I began to research alternatives. I fairly quickly ...

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These Photos Were Taken with a 10mm Full-Frame Lens


People who know me know I love to shoot with extreme wide angles. Lately, I have been experimenting with shooting at 10mm full frame. Shooting at 10mm is like shooting in another world. Because of the distortion on the edges, you automatically get an effect that kind of sucks you ...

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Hands-On with Sharp’s Sub-$5,000 8K Mirrorless Camera


During the be beginning of the year, Sharp Corporation unveiled a surprising, small handheld Micro Four Thirds 8K camera – but back then we had very few details about it. Now, just before NAB 2019 is about to begin, we had the opportunity to talk to Kaino-san from Sharp, who ...

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10 Quotes from Writers That Will Make You a Better Photographer


It might sound strange to suggest that writers can teach us anything about photography. I believe, though, that any creative pursuit springs from the same space within us, whether it’s photography, writing, painting or even making exquisitely beautiful cakes. Creativity comes from a desire to express ourselves, to verbalize our ...

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