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Daily Archives: April 10, 2019

This Multi Turret Lets You Mount 3 Lenses on 1 Camera


Want to be able to quickly switch between lenses with the flick of your wrist? The Multi Turret is coming to help. It’s a turret lens system that allows you to mount three different lenses onto one camera. Newsshooter got a sneak peek of the Multi Turret at NAB 2019 ...

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3 Essential Tips for Landscape Photography


Before a presentation we did during a bad-weather day on a photography workshop I co-guided in Northern Norway, I was asked to give my best advice for landscape photographers. I wanted to talk about some slightly different topics rather than repeating standard tips such as “straighten the horizon,” “use f/11,” ...

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Are You Sharpening Your Photos Enough?


I’ll own up to this and say that I’m guilty of being stuck in my ways. But age is no excuse for not being as adaptive as I should be to the changing times. But let me explain. I’ve been shooting for many years now and nearly 20 years ago, ...

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This is the World’s First Photo of a Black Hole


This is the first photo ever captured of a black hole. It was revealed today after years of international collaboration between over 200 international astronomers. At a coordinated press conference across the globe, researchers at the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) announced that their efforts in using a planet-scale array of ...

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