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Daily Archives: April 12, 2019

Israeli Spacecraft Snaps Selfie Before Crashing Onto the Moon


The Israeli spacecraft Beresheet, the first privately funded Moon mission, crashed onto the lunar surface yesterday, but not before successfully taking this selfie with the Moon in the background. Beresheet was sent to the moon to shoot photos with high-resolution cameras and conduction experiments, but it appears the main engine ...

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Shooting Portraits Wide Open Versus Stopping Down


If you have a fast and expensive lens, it may feel like a waste to shoot portraits stopped down to f/8, f/11, or f/16. But in this 20-minute video, photographer Miguel Quiles explains why he often opts to shoot stopped down instead of wide open for increased depth of field ...

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500px Owner Slammed for Claiming Copyright to Black Hole Image


Visual China Group, the “Getty Images of China” and owner of 500px, has sparked an outcry after it attempted to claim copyright to the first-ever black hole picture that became a worldwide sensation this week. After the groundbreaking black hole image was published by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (EHT) ...

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Creating Your Own Assignments in Street Photography


Street photography is one of the best ways to exercise and train your eye for application to photojournalism projects. I’ve written before about the way I apply the techniques and style from my street photography to my set stills and BTS as well as my long term fashion BTS project ...

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