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Daily Archives: April 16, 2019

A 3.5-Year Review of the $4K Leica Q


If there’s a fundamental flaw with product reviews, it’s the typically short duration that reviewers have with the item before hitting a publishing deadline or needing to return the product to the manufacturer. With rapid product refreshes, the lifetime of any particular product can be short, which can often render ...

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LIT Flash is an Off-Camera Xenon Flash for Smartphone Cameras


Want a powerful off-camera flash but your camera of choice is a smartphone? LIT Flash is an innovative new handheld wireless Xenon flash that’s designed specifically to meet your needs. The flash was created by Marko Pirc of Slovenia, who previously made a splash with the Lumu smartphone light meter. ...

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2019 Pulitzer Prizes Won by Photos of Migrants and Famine


The Pulitzer Prize has just announced the winners for 2019. In the area of photography, Reuters’ photography staff won in the Breaking News Photography category for photos of migrants journeying to the US, and photographer Lorenzo Tugnoli of The Washington Post won for his photos of the famine in Yemen. ...

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