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Daily Archives: April 19, 2019

Instagram Tests Hiding Like Counts


Instagram has internally floated the idea of a small design change that would have a huge impact on the service. Leaked screenshots show mockups of Instagram in which the Like counts on photos and videos are hidden from public view. TechCrunch reports that the test was discovered by reverse engineering ...

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Bob Dylan Calls Out Fans for Taking Photos at His Show


Bob Dylan is known for being a man of few (speaking) words on stage, but he took to the mic during a show this week to call out fans for breaking his well-known “no photos” rule. While performing in Vienna, Austria, the 77-year-old singer paused in the middle of a ...

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Getting Creative With One Light


So you have just picked up your first light or you have had one light for a while now, and you are wondering what more you can create with just that one light. Well, you can create loads. I see many post/comments from photographers saying they can’t do this or ...

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This Leica Video Just Got ‘Leica’ Banned in China


Leica has sparked a huge backlash in China over a short film released by its ad agency in Brazil. The video (warning: strong language) depicts a news photographer covering the Chinese government’s crackdown during pro-democracy protests in Beijing in 1989. Titled “The Hunt,” the 5-minute video follows a photojournalist scrambling ...

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Facebook Stored Millions of Instagram Passwords in Plaintext


Facebook has quietly revealed that it accidentally stored millions of Instagram user passwords in plaintext, a major security issue that the company had previously said only affected “tens of thousands” of users. In a March 21st announcement titled, “Keeping Passwords Secure,” Facebook stated that during a “routine security review,” it ...

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