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Daily Archives: May 6, 2019

Godox Flash Firmware Updates Bring Support for Canon’s Crippled Cameras


Canon upset photographers recently after it was discovered that its latest entry-level DSLR cameras lack the standard center hotshoe pin common on cameras, making them incompatible with many affordable 3rd-party flashes. But there’s good news: Godox has responded by releasing firmware updates that fix this issue. Photographer Michael Andrew (AKA ...

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Remove.bg Brings 1-Click Background Removal to Photoshop


Remove.bg is a popular web app that can cut subjects out of backgrounds in photos in just seconds without any input from the user. After receiving quite a bit of press coverage in late 2018, the app just announced a new free Photoshop plugin that provides one-click background removal. “It ...

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How to Fix Blown Out Areas Around the Sun


Shooting directly into the Sun, whether it is sunrise or sunset, often results in some areas around the Sun getting clipped, and we get these rather harsh edges in our sky. Even when shooting bracketed or underexposing for the highlights, we may not achieve a pleasing result around the strongest ...

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