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Is Canon Readying a New Pro Camera with 30fps Speed?


Professional wildlife photographer and Canon ambassador Andy Rouse has been dropping hints over the past several days that he’s currently testing some new camera equipment, sparking speculation that Canon may be gearing up to announce a new pro camera — one that can shoot at 30fps. In a photo posted ...

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Using the D1, Nikon’s First Homegrown DSLR


It is June 15th, 1999. The box office is being dominated by the release of the first new Star Wars in 16 years, even though it is tainted by one Jar Jar Binks. Until this day, photography was largely dominated by a technology that had existed for over a hundred ...

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The NY Times Shutters Its Lens Blog


The New York Times launched its Lens blog a decade ago to showcase the best of photojournalism across the industry. Fans of the publication will be sad to hear that it’s now coming to an end — in it’s current form, at least. Times photography director Meaghan Looram announced the ...

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Adobe Warns That Using Older CC Apps Could Get You Sued


Adobe announced last week that older versions before the latest two major releases of its subscription apps would no longer be available for download through Creative Cloud. But that’s not all: Adobe is also warning customers that using older “unauthorized” versions could get you sued. While the new limit to ...

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