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How to Make a DIY Prism Lens Filter for Less Than $20


PrismLensFX unveiled a set of Variable Prism Filters back in March that lets photographers achieve prism effects using specially-designed lens filters. Upon seeing the prism filters, landscape photographer Christian Mögnum Möhrle decided to try his hand at making his own do-it-yourself version. PrismLensFX’s Prism filter is a clear glass filter ...

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Sony Developed a Color Film That Can Be Erased and Reused


Sony announced today that it has developed a new rewritable film material. Just as rewritable optical discs can be erased and written to again, Sony’s new film can have full-color photos drawn onto them, be erased, and then be reused for another photo. First of all, this new film isn’t ...

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An Insider’s Look at a Photo Workshop Disaster


I wrote an article in 2017 about bad photography workshops, and I made a promise to the community that I would never speak at, attend, or help promote a workshop again unless it was one I believed in wholeheartedly. I promised to do my due diligence when accepting speaking engagements ...

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These Light Painting Photos Were Shot by Splashing in Water


Light-painting photographer Denis Smith is perhaps best known for creating giant spheres of light in photos. For his latest series, titled “Liquid Light,” Smith brought his light tools into waist-deep water for beautiful photos of light bursting forth from the surface. “For the past 2 summers I have been spending ...

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Shooting Double-Exposure Photos with a Tilt-Shift Lens


Photographer Eric Floberg made this 10-minute video showing how he creates in-camera double-exposure photos using a tilt-shift lens, a technique he calls his “creative bread and butter.” “A lot of people do double exposures with a typical lens, but I like doing it with a tilt-shift lens because it kind ...

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Condom Brand Launches Plugin That Blocks Baby Photos on Facebook


Tired of baby photos flooding your social media? The condom company SKYN has developed a Google Chrome extension called “Baby Blocker” that blocks baby photos from being displayed in your Facebook feed. SKYN states that parents share an average of 1,500 photos of their kids from when they’re born to ...

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