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Daily Archives: May 21, 2019

Godox Unveils the X2T Trigger with Bluetooth and a Better UI


Godox has announced the new X2T, a wireless flash trigger that builds upon the success of the X1T with an improved user interface, a larger display, and the introduction of Bluetooth. The trigger features 5 dedicated group setting buttons on top and 3 function buttons on the back that allow ...

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Wide Angle Lens Fundamentals: The Good and The Bad


Wide angle lenses aren’t as easy to use as a lot of photographers think. They shrink the background and give the foreground strange proportions. They include all sorts of distractions from the scene in front of you, plus a lot of negative space. And yet… used right, wide angle lenses ...

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Using the Godox V1 to Shoot a Tribute to Henry Peach Robinson


Father and son wedding photographers David and Luke Edmonson were recently commissioned by Godox to test its new V1 round-head flash. The duo decided to shoot this 9-minute video and a creative photo as a tribute to English photographer Henry Peach Robinson. Robinson was a pictorialist who was best known ...

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US Warns That Chinese-Made Drones Could Steal Data for China


The US government is warning that Chinese-made consumer drones could pose a data theft threat, sending data back to company headquarters in China that could then be accessed by the Chinese government. CNN reports that the warning came in an alert issued by the US Department of Homeland Security on ...

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Peak Design Made a Travel Tripod with Game-Changing Compactness


The San Francisco-based company Peak Design prides itself on creating innovative products for photographers that redefine their categories, and today it’s back to disrupt a new niche: tripods. The brand’s new Travel Tripod is designed to be one of the most compact and easy-to-use tripods ever made. The result of ...

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