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Daily Archives: June 5, 2019

Less Than 1% of People Can Ace This Color Test


How do you think your perception of color stacks up against the general public? If you’re a photographer, have your eyes been trained to perceive color better than the average person? Here’s a short and sweet test that can help you find out. The UK-based vision care company Lenstore has ...

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3 Ways to Use Plexiglass for Creative Portraits


As a portrait photographer, it can often be difficult to keep thing interesting in the studio. Adding a unique element to your images can help them stand out while also allowing you to have little fun. The unique element that I added for my most recent shoot was just a ...

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A Guide to Long Exposure Photography


In the past few years, long exposure photography has become increasingly popular. Images in which the water seems to turn ethereal, the clouds turn into long, wispy streaks, or the lights from cars turn into long lines have an otherworldly quality that can be incredibly appealing. Since I’ve had a ...

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Profoto B10 Plus: 100% More Power at a 25% Higher Price


Profoto today announced the new B10 Plus, a “slightly bigger brother” to the B10 that doubles the power to 500Ws from 250Ws while only adding about 25% to the price. “With the B10 Plus, shooting on location isn’t about problems, it’s about opportunities,” Profoto says. Because shooting on location forces ...

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