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Daily Archives: June 20, 2019

An Inside Look at How the Fujifilm GFX 100 Was Born


Last month, Fujifilm announced the GFX 100, a game-changing 102-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera. cinema5D has released a 2-part documentary that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how this monster of a camera came to be. Fujifilm granted Johnnie Behiri and cinema5D inside access through several trips to Japan over ...

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These Portraits Were Made with an Ordinary Flatbed Scanner


Dubai-based artist Maitha Demithan creates unusual-looking portraits of people with a surreal feel and with every subject’s eyes closed or looking away from the “camera.” The reason is because the “photos” were all captured using an ordinary flatbed scanner. Demithan jumped into the world of scanography back in 2009 and ...

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Adobe Lightroom Lands in Apple’s Mac App Store


Adobe Lightroom is now available through Apple’s Mac App Store. It’s the first major Adobe Creative Cloud app to be made available in the app store, which was revamped when Apple launched macOS Mojave last year. The app is the new cloud-based Lightroom, not the popular desktop/laptop-centric app that was ...

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How to Back Up Photos as a Wedding Photographer


We keep hearing the same story every year: newlyweds that are left desolated because the photographer lost their wedding images. From dual memory card slots to the ever decreasing price of computer storage, human negligence has become the weakest link in the workflow. Consequences for not backing up your clients’ ...

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