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Photojournalist Accused of Faking Photos of Violence in Honduras


A photojournalist is being accused of faking an award-winning series of photos that purportedly show hitmen in Honduras carrying out violent acts. Fstoppers published a report that accuses Swiss/Italian photographer Michele Crameri of staging shots and publishing the photos with fake captions. The report is based on evidence and statements ...

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How I Made a Digital Polaroid SX-70


I wanted to see if it was possible to turn a dead SX-70 camera into a functioning digital camera without significantly modifying it’s outward appearance. I had no idea if this was reasonably doable but I set out to give it a try. Editor’s note: The longer, original version of ...

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Fujifilm Warns of Fake Fujifilm Film That Can Mess Up Photo Labs


Fujifilm has issued a warning to customers warning of counterfeit Fujifilm 35mm film floating around in the market — film that will cause photographers headaches if used. In a notice published yesterday titled, “35mm film non-genuine goods illegally using FUJIFILM logo,” Fujifilm says that the counterfeit film was discovered after ...

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Apple Patents Watch Band with Built-In Camera


Apple has patented a new Apple Watch band that features a camera built into it. But unlike other bands with built-in cameras, this new Apple design allows the wearer to point the camera in all kinds of directions without having to bend the wrist. The patent (#10,331,083) is simply titled, ...

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This Camera App Erases the Humans in Every Photo


Want a fast and easy way to shoot photos in without pesky humans ruining the scene? There’s a new iOS app called Bye Bye Camera that automatically removes humans from every photo you snap. Bye Bye Camera is an art project by artist Damjanski and the collective Do Something Good. ...

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