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The Best Camera Kit You Can Get with a $500 Budget


Finding a $500 camera setup that can deliver stunning portraits as well as a wide range of other types of photography was a challenge, to say the least! First and foremost I had to put together some bare minimum requirements/standards. 1. The Camera Needs to Be Brand New It’s hard ...

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Kate Middleton is Now Patron of the Royal Photographic Society


The Royal Photographic Society has a new patron. Queen Elizabeth has just handed over her 67-year-long patronage of one of the world’s oldest photographic societies to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (formerly known as Kate Middleton). The Queen had become patron of the society back in 1952. Both Kate and the ...

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This Volcano Eruption Was Shot from Space with a Nikon D5


The Raikoke Volcano on Russia’s Kuril Islands erupted this past weekend, sending a massive plume of ash and gas 8 miles (13km) into the sky from the 2,300-foot-wide (700m) crater. An astronaut onboard the International Space Station managed to capture a beautiful photo of the plume as the station orbited ...

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Does Sony’s Crop Mode Mean I Need Fewer Lenses?


A major change — and learning curve — for me this year has been my switch from Nikon to Sony. I’ve already documented the story of my switch to Sony, but what I have since discovered is the huge possibilities — or as some of us might call it the ...

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