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JPEGmini Brings Its File Size Shrinking Tech to Capture One


JPEGmini has announced a new plug-in that brings its widely used JPEG file size shrinking technology to Capture One Pro 12. Phase One released Capture One Pro 12 back in November 2018, opening the door to third-party plug-ins for the first time, and JPEGmini was selected as one of the ...

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A Review of Camera Shutter Sounds: Nikon at Top, Leica at Bottom


The quality of a camera’s shutter sound probably isn’t high on the list of what any photographer considers when looking to buy a new body, but Lensrentals has just published a tongue-in-cheek review/comparison of shutter sounds anyway. “As a leading authority on optical testing and product reviews, it occurred to ...

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Scientists Create Contact Lenses That Zoom with Blinks and Looks


Scientists have revealed a new futuristic robotic contact lens that’s essentially an advanced zoom lens for the human eye. It can be zoomed and controlled by blinking and looking around. The researchers at the University of California San Diego detailed their design in a new paper titled, “A Biomimetic Soft ...

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