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Daily Archives: July 1, 2019

Two Essentials for Stress-Free Camera Tethering via USB-C


In the film days, which for me ended in late 2004, instant film was the only way for a photographer (and everyone else on set) to see what was being captured. From the perspective of a celebrity/fashion photographer, these could be some tense moments as celebrities, publicists and clients would ...

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How to Find Your Photographic Style


You have found your style when you can’t do anything else. It’s your default, your normal, your nature. Style comes when imitation and influence perish. It’s something that becomes one… you, yours. Defining your style or finding your style is a life’s journey. I hope you are always evolving and ...

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This is the World’s Smallest View Camera


Camera-making enthusiast Lucus Landers has created the Mini View Camera, a creation he believes is the smallest view camera (and one of the smallest film cameras) ever made. Landers, a 27-year-old photographer living in Brooklyn, designed and built the camera for a contest put on by the desktop milling machine ...

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