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Daily Archives: July 11, 2019

Imitating Hazy Backgrounds with Diffusion Gels


Shooting in a studio has its advantages. But although being warm, dry and convenient are greatly appreciated, shooting between the same four walls can get a little boring if you’re constantly using them as backgrounds for your shots. Sure, you could get some colored paper setup, you could even buy ...

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Peak Design’s Travel Tripod Has Raised $8M+ with 7 Days to Go


Peak Design’s new game-changing Travel Tripod has been a smash hit on Kickstarter. Since being announced on May 21st, it has already raised over $8.4 million from over 19,000 backers, and there’s still 7 days to go. This is the San Francisco-based company’s 9th crowdfunding campaign thus far, and it’s ...

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9 Single-Key Lightroom Shortcuts I Use Every Day


In all honesty, I only use single-key shortcuts as opposed to multi-key for the simple reason that I can’t remember much beyond a single keystroke. I thought about printing every shortcut and hanging it on my office wall for reference, but that would defeat the purpose of using shortcuts in ...

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