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Daily Archives: July 12, 2019

f/1.4 vs f/1.8: Can You Actually Tell the Difference?


Given how much more it costs to buy an f/1.4 prime compared to an f/1.8, beginners in particular often ask if the upgrade is worth it. Build quality and optical quality being equal, is the difference in light gathering capability and depth of field noticeable? Can you really tell? Photographer ...

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BenQ Unveils New 27-inch 2K Monitor with 99% AdobeRGB Coverage


After sharing a brief preview of their newest 27-inch, 2560 x 1440 resolution PhotoVue SW270C monitor at NAB 2019 earlier this year, BenQ has finally released the affordable photo editing monitor to the world. The SW270C joins BenQ’s lineup of “PhotoVue Photographer Monitors” that are designed specifically for photo editing, ...

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Size Comparison: Sigma fp vs Sony, Nikon, Canon and Panasonic


Much has been made of the tiny new Sigma fp, officially the world’s smallest full-frame mirrorless camera as of this writing. But just how small is this thing compared to the competition from Sony, Nikon, Canon and fellow L-Mount Alliance member Panasonic? Thanks to the folks at Camera Size, who ...

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Winners of the 10th Annual Audubon Photography Awards Revealed


The National Audubon Society has revealed the winners of its 10th annual Audubon Photography Awards: a competition that showcases the most incredible bird photography from across North America. The 2019 winners were selected from over 2,253 entrants who submitted from all 50 states, Washington D.C., and 10 Canadian provinces and ...

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