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Daily Archives: July 22, 2019

Three Months with the Panasonic S1R


If you’re wondering why someone who loves Sigma cameras and gets called the ‘Foveon Wizard’ by his peers is writing about the Panasonic Lumix S1R, I need to take you back to 2007. Back then, my love for gadgets and tech related things eventually lead me to buying a Panasonic ...

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Amateur with Fuji GFX 50R Takes On Pro with Google Pixel 3


The folks over at popular tech channel Linus Tech Tips recently did something fun. They combined your standard Amateur vs Pro photography challenge with the Pro Gear vs Smartphone trope to answer a different kind of question: Can a rote amateur with an expensive camera beat a professional who’s using ...

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Zhiyun Unveils Cheap, Compact Crane-M2 Gimbal for Compact Cameras


Earlier today, Zhiyun added a lightweight, affordable, compact gimbal to their Crane lineup. Called the Crane-M2, the small 3-axis gimbal is targeted at travel shooters and vloggers who want to capture the smoothest possible footage with their compact camera, smartphone or action cam. The Zhiyun Crane-M2 announcement comes less than ...

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