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Daily Archives: August 8, 2019

For Pro Photographers, the Hustle Never Ends


“It was constant hustle for me the first three years (in business) full time.” I read this quote from a photographer-turned-business coach. It was advice in a Facebook group. I’m not certain the question that elicited this reply, but it doesn’t really matter. The statement stands alone. And if the ...

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How to Master Exposing for Dramatic Black and White Photos


The black and white aesthetic can sometimes be a contentious issue among photographers. The decision to shoot monochromatic images is, for some, an afterthought in a way that other choices like filters, focal lengths, and exposure settings would not be. This means that some of the nuance to a well-balanced black ...

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Major Instagram Ad Partner Banned for Tracking Users’ Locations and More


Following a shocking expose from Business Insider, major Instagram ad partner Hyp3r has been banned by the platform for tracking millions of users’ locations, saving public Instagram Stories, and automatically scraping user data. Hyp3r is “an award-winning location-based marketing platform” based out of San Francisco. The marketing firm has raised ...

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