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Daily Archives: August 23, 2019

Oregon Police Photoshopped Suspect to Look More Like Bank Robber


Police departments aren’t often accused of unethical Photoshop manipulation, but that’s the controversy that has erupted in Portland, Oregon. The police were discovered to have Photoshopped a suspects mugshot to make his face look more like the perpetrator in a bank robbery. The Oregonian reports that after a series of ...

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Do NOT Weaponize Your Drone, FAA Warns


The FAA has published a notice and is sending out emails warning drone owners and the general public that weaponizing drones is illegal. The notice, published yesterday and titled “Drones and Weapons, A Dangerous Mix,” warns that it’s not just firearms on drones that will put you on the wrong ...

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How to Light a ‘Big Budget’ Photo with $5 Lights


I have a client who builds amazing luxury apartment complexes all over California, and I’m their pool guy. I know it sounds funny, but they call me whenever they need exterior images and pool images (they call another photog to do the interiors of the model apartments). This is one ...

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