Daily Archives: September 16, 2019

Shootout: Comparing 17 Photography Lighting Modifiers


With the huge range of lighting modifiers available–umbrellas, beauty dishes, soft boxes, octaboxes, and on and on and on—it can be hard for a first time buyer to understand the differences and decide how to best spend their money. Photographer Scott Choucino to the rescue. Choucino is primarily a food ...

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New Patent Gives Us a Detailed Look at Canon’s Upcoming IBIS Unit


A recently unearthed patent purports to show, in detail, exactly how Canon plans to improve on sensor-based in-body image stabilization for its upcoming full-frame mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. The patent application was uncovered by the folks over at Canon News, and it’s detailed enough to believe that this is the ...

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Monogram Launches Editing Console with More Control and ‘Orbiter’ Disc


Monogram (the artist formerly known as Palette Gear) has just launched a powerful new editing console on Kickstarter. The Monogram Creative Console and compatible modules are more compact, while giving users more creative control; and a new “Orbiter” module was specially designed for ultimate color grading control. Many photographers swear ...

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