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Daily Archives: October 16, 2019

The Problem with ‘Everybody’s Bag’ Camera Backpacks


Right now if you head over to Kickstarter and search for “camera bag,” three active choices pop up. That’s three more camera bag ideas vying for your attention in addition to the tons that have hit Kickstarter over the years and the hundreds more made by larger brands like Lowepro, ...

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SANDMARC Unveils Hybrid ND/Polarizer Filters for Pro Cameras


SANDMARC has launched a new line of professional grade hybrid lens filters for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The Hybrid Pro Filters combine the company’s ND and Polarizer filters into a single filter. The ND aspect of the filter lets you shoot longer exposures in bright light while the polarizer aspect ...

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Huge Fireball in Sky Over China Turns Night into Day


Before the advent of ultra-sensitive digital cameras, powerful photoflash bombs were once used to illuminate the world below when shooting nighttime aerial photos. Some folks over in China recently got a similar experience when a huge fireball blazed across the sky and briefly turned night into day. The 45-second video ...

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