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The 10 Most Popular PetaPixel Posts of the Decade

On May 14th, 2009 a little blog called PetaPixel made its debut. More than 10 years and nearly 27,000 published posts later (26,886 to be exact), as we wrap up our first full decade in existence, it seemed appropriate to look back at the ten most popular articles of the ...

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PetaPixel’s Cameras of the Year 2019

Every camera made today is great. This is a statement I have stood behind for several years now because it’s true. It’s hard to go wrong with any camera made today because the technology gap has narrowed considerably. But even so, each year there are cameras that stand out from ...

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Nat Geo Photographer Gets Jumped by 275-Pound Tiger-Lion Mix

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter recently visited a wildlife sanctuary for an assignment on captive tigers in the US. When he squatted down to photograph a tiliger (a mix of a lion and tiger), the 275-pound cat charged and jumped onto the photographer. Here’s a short video of the hair-raising ...

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Watch a Thief Steal a Photographer’s Camera at a Wedding

If you’re ever shooting a photography gig with strangers around, it’s always important to make sure your pricey equipment is safe from harm and theft. Here’s a 3-minute video that shows why: a thief was caught on camera stealing a camera and lens while the owner was busy shooting the ...

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This Lens Cap Has a Temperature and Humidity Meter

Here’s one of the strangest looking rear lens caps we ever did see. The Japanese camera accessory company UN has created a cap that has a temperature and humidity meter built in to help you take perfect care of your glass. Storing your camera lenses in a hot and humid ...

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