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Daily Archives: January 14, 2020

Woman Tries to Get Out of Work with a Photoshop Fail


An unnamed woman recently called into work to notify her boss that she was running late because she had gotten a flat tire. She sent over a “photo” as proof of her plight. Unfortunately for her, the badly Photoshopped photo gave away her lie and sparked laughter at her job ...

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Here’s What Happens When You Post a Photo to Instagram Hundreds of Times


Photographer Janick Entremont took a portrait of himself, uploaded it to Instagram, downloaded it, and repeated that process over 300 times to see what the photo-sharing service’s compression algorithms would do to the image. The resulting project is titled “@facetinction | A (con)temporary portrait.” “Quality loss and alienation of the ...

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Heathrow Airport Installs One-of-a-Kind Anti-Drone System


London’s massive Heathrow airport has deployed a bespoke “Counter Drone” system that will be used to enforce the UK’s strict five-kilometer no-fly zone and track down violators. According to Bloomberg, the new counter-drone system uses “holographic radar” technology developed by Aveillant Ltd., a British company owned by French defense contractor ...

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Sony Unveils Wireless Shooting Grip for Mirrorless Cameras


In a continued attempt to woo vloggers and travel shooters, Sony today unveiled the GP-VPT2BT: a “wireless shooting grip” for mirrorless cameras that lets users switch seamlessly between shooting video and stills on the run. The GP-VPT2BT is a “shooting grip with wireless remote commander” that’s compatible with all of ...

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