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Daily Archives: January 21, 2020

The Price of a Flickr Pro Subscription is Going Up Starting Today


Flickr just sent an email to all of its members announcing that—as mentioned in CEO Don MacAskill’s recent open letter—the price of Flickr Pro is officially going up. The price hike will help Flickr’s parent company SmugMug keep the photo sharing platform alive as they continue to improve the service ...

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Shooting a Portrait with Light, Shadow, and Highlight


Light, shadow, and highlight — this is always a great combination for creating portraits from a lighting point of view. This is the interesting part: changing the intensity of the highlight or the tone in the shadows while maintaining the exposure can produce a different feel to an image, from ...

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Remarkable Photos of Soviet Village Life Found In Abandoned House


In the spring of 2016, film student Victor Galusca was exploring a sleepy village in his native Moldova when the 23-year-old noticed some photographic negatives in the rubble of an abandoned house. The discarded pictures were the life’s work of Zaharia Cusnir, an unknown amateur photographer who died in 1993. ...

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