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Daily Archives: February 11, 2020

Sony’s New SDK Lets Developers Make Their Own Remote Camera Solutions


Sony has unveiled a Software Development Kit (SDK) that will give developers remote access to “key camera controls and still image data,” so they can develop their own third-party applications for controlling Sony’s mirrorless full-frame cameras remotely. According to Sony, the Windows-only SDK is targeted at “commercial customers” who have ...

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Nikon D6 Product Photos Leaked, Teaser Campaign a Big Dud


Nokishita has gotten their hands on some leaked, official product photos for the sort-of announced Nikon D6… which is good, because Nikon just wrapped up its teaser campaign for the camera by posting six videos that all feature the Nikon D5 instead. When Nikon first announced the D6 as “in ...

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These Working Cameras Were Made Out of 35mm Film Canisters


For his latest project, Iranian photographer and camera maker Alireza Rostami collected 35mm film canisters and used them to construct the bodies of medium format and large format cameras. The project is called “Unity Camera.” “I always kept those film canisters,” Rostami tells PetaPixel. “35mm film canisters remind me of ...

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Canada Goose Sells a ‘Photojournalist Jacket’ That Costs $850


The high-end outerwear brand Canada Goose is selling a “Photojournalist Jacket” that was designed in collaboration with a working photojournalist. Unfortunately for many photojournalists, the jacket carries a price tag of $850. “Created in partnership with a photojournalist to stand up to the changing climates and situations they often find ...

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7 Tips for Taking the Perfect Beach Silhouette Photo


Silhouette images can really pack a punch — they can be very striking and have the ‘wow’ factor. But how do you take them? Follow the tips below to take your own perfect beach silhouette images! A silhouette is an image of a person (animal or object) represented as a ...

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